Singing and dancing on stage, reaching people all around the world and making the world a better place- these are the reasons why you want to be a Kpop idol.

However, the road to debut is one of blood, sweat and tears. Will you be able to persevere through a long trainee life? Will you be able to love?

Despite all the challenges and obstacles, will we meet on the flower road?

-Work in Progress-

"Looking forward to comments, feedback and criticisms! Apologies for the very short gameplay but that's all I have for now. Thank you for giving this a chance!!"

Development log


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I really liked the game! I think that this well-written and you kinda get into the game. The idea is original, you see few games where you get the chance to be a trainee, so I'm thankful to you for developping it. I agree with the others comments, about how the game should developped in the future, those ideas would make it greater. I hope you'll keep on updating, because this really has potential. Do your best!


not going to lie, I wasn't really expecting much from the game when I first saw it, but I'm definitely regretting my initial thoughts. this game has SO MUCH potential and it was actually quite fun to play! I loved that we actually got to select our height and weight as well as what songs for our audition! plus, it was actually cool getting to see your character text with seola and yui, which was a nice touch! I'm legit excited to see what can come from this!

some things I would suggest for the game:

1. a position for the mc. I don't know much about programming, but it would cool if there was some kind of stat thing that could determine your position when you debut? like, for example, you have enough 'points' in rapping to become the main rapper. if that's too difficult, then letting us have some influence on what our mc could be would be awesome!

2. more diverse dialogue? like, the personality mc has now is what I would usually pick in these games, but some people play as more confident or loud characters. it would really help the character feel more realistic and alive.

3. for later on in the story, it would be cool if our appearance would have some kind of effect. honestly, I'm lowkey getting Imitation vibes from this? especially when we had to put in a height and weight for our character/the possibility of romance, so I'm curious to see if the story will become darker :0! 

anyway, the game so far has so much potential and I cannot wait to see what more you'll do with it! I saw that you mentioned you have limited programming experience, so PLEASE don't feel pressured to include all these things! do what makes you feel comfortable! :D

Omg thank you so much for your kind words and support!! I can't express how much I appreciate it. It's comments like yours that give me the motivation to carry on developing this game! Putting a stat system has been on my mind since the start, but tbh it's actually harder to do it than I thought hahaha Nevertheless, I'll try my best to become better! Please keep looking forward to it!~


I ment the picture with the building when you first start the game

Hopefully its this one?


Yes that is the one thank you so much ^^.


Hi I wanted to know where you got that background for the beginning of the game I would love to use that as my Screensaver. I also agree I find it hard to find a lot of kpop games where you are able to be a trainee so I really appreciate you making this and I hope if you want too will make more kpop games in the future so far I am loving it.

Hello, thank you so much for the support!! If you are asking for the image in the title screen, here is the link:


you're so welcome and no not the title screen I mean the picture with the buildings and the people I like that picture a lot.



Neat game! What did you use to make this?


Thank you! I used the engine Monogatari to make this!


I absolutely luv this game it was so good you should defiantly keep updating it although the characters look a bit weird it great cant wait for more! 


Thank you so much for giving this a chance! 


No problem I´m so excited for the rest


Okay, so far it's really good I see the potential on it, don't stop it! I've been looking for a game like this with this plot for a long time. I think it's going to be good if you add more 'choices' on what the player wants to do, like being a main singer or dancer, you know the k-pop roles themselves. 

I don't know your programming skills but you could also put a skill set system like a menu or something that progresses with training (having a cheat system is also cool). 

Romance option, I don't know how you want to proceed with it but having romance can be cool and dangerous. If you stick with the k-pop rules that could be even more interesting to see at the gameplay.

These two girls are really interesting, I hope the MC can debut with them. And I hope we can play as an Idol, maybe on part 2 of the game lol.

A thing that I did like to see is more dialog options to give more personality to the MC, being able to shape their image can make us immerse more in the lore.

That's it, I hope you don't give up on this project because I really love it. Well done!! Fighting!!!


Thank you so much for the feedback and love! It really made my day. I hope you will continue to look forward to it! I will try and accommodate the things you mentioned with my limited programming skills haha. Thank you again! Really appreciate this <3

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I didn't finish the game yet, but so far is really fun to play. I'm enjoying it. Just a small thing, I think the scream is too BIG, maybe making it smaller or put a fullscreen option would be amazing. Once I'm done with it I write more.

PS: I LOVED the fact I can change my height and weight, choosing songs was also a really good idea. NICE WORK!!!!

PS2: I found the fullscreen button!!!!!